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Step 1 Eligibility Check


  • Be aged 16 – 47 years old (Must attest before 48th birthday)


You must be a citizen of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, holder of dual UK/other nationality.

Whether or not you were born in the United Kingdom, you should have resided there for the 5 years immediately preceding your application. However, candidates with a minimum of 3 years will be considered.


You need GCSEs at Grade C (Grade 4 to 5 with effect from Aug 17) or equivalent in Mathematics, English language or SCE Standard Grade 2/Scottish National 5 in Mathematics, English and an approved science/technology-based subject.

If you do not hold a qualification in an approved Science or Technology-based subject, you can still apply as a qualified Cyberspace Communications Specialist provided you have the required English Language and Mathematics grades. You will also need to achieve a slightly higher score in the relevant part of the entry test at an Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO); further information and advice will be available from your local AFCO.

A list of approved Science and Technology qualifications can be found below Acceptable Science and Technology Qualifications

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