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RAF Weapon systems operator leaning over rear ramp of cargo aircraft flying over desert

You will start your career in the RAF as either an Officer or Aviator, this is dependant on your level of education and the role you choose.


You can join either as a full time Regular or you can decide to challenge and improve yourself in your spare time, by joining part time as an RAF Reserve.


To join as an Officer, you need to hold A-level equivalent qualification or a university degree, depending on the role. As an Officer, you’ll need leadership and management skills in addition to technical skills, as you will be responsible for the welfare and discipline of men and women under your command.


Aviators make up the majority of RAF personnel, bringing their specialist skills to provide vital ground support roles. The RAF will train you and support the development of your expertise crucial to our mission and also applicable in the civil world. You do not need specific qualifications to join as an aviator, we will provide all the training and certification.


With our Role Finder, you can explore all our jobs and refine your search with filters such as Age, Qualifications, Interests and Location.

Roles in the RAF are grouped into Professions so you work closely with the people that will help you achieve your best.
Aircrew are required to fly and fight, working with forces in the Air, Land, Maritime, Space, and Cyber domains to deliver UK Air Power.
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Air and Space Operations are behind all our aircraft in the sky. You'll get stuck in with some of the most advanced aerospace technology on the planet and facilitate the successful planning and execution of missions.
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Cyberspace professionals set up, operate, and maintain the technology the Royal Air Force relies on to communicate as well as combating the latest digital threats.
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Engineers manufacture, maintain and repair the equipment the Royal Air Force relies on. Can you find the solutions and fix the problems to keep the Royal Air Force moving?
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Hospitality is the fuel behind every Royal Air Force mission. No matter if you're in the sky or on the ground, it's up to Hospitality to give the RAF the energy it needs.
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In Intelligence, you will be the eyes and ears that keep the Royal Air Force safe. Helping to obtain and analyse intelligence from a variety of sources.
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In Logistics, you will be responsible for managing, organising and executing key tasks that keep the Royal Air Force moving.
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As part of Medical Services your primary mission is to ensure that personnel are medically fit to go where they are needed, both in the UK and the rest of the world.
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Wherever the Royal Air Force is based, you’ll be part of the team ready to offer support to those who need it.
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Security and Resilience Operations are the team on the ground charged with protecting, training and keeping the Royal Air Force safe from national and international threats.
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An Apprenticeship in the Royal Air Force offers you the chance to gain a professional qualification as part of a challenging and unique career.
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Graduates in the Royal Air Force receive world class training and qualifications, lifting you above the crowd.
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Transferees and those considering rejoining after Service in the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force.
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Discover how different roles in the RAF work together in this immersive and interactive 1st person film

RAF Chinook and Puma helicopters hovering after depositing underslung loads
Many roles in the RAF come together to ensure operations run smoothly, both at home and overseas. Complete The Mission to discover how the RAF works as one.
RAF Engineering Officer wearing turban stood in front of RAF Voyager engine in hanger
As part of the RAF you will receive unrivalled career options, world-class training opportunities and constant support.
RAF boxers in red and blue strips in boxing match (multiple exposure photograph)
Our vast choice of sports and activities on and off base means you can take part at all levels.