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RAF Falcons parachutists descending
The balance between work and play is easy to find in the RAF as you’re surrounded by great people, events and activities, wherever you’re based.
Social life

You’ll be working alongside people with a similar mindset - we all want to make the most out of life. You’ll find regular social events in the bars (known as The Mess) and clubs on base, community events and family fun days.


Most bases are close to major towns so it’s easy to socialise there too outside of regular working hours.

Adventures without limits

You’ll mostly work normal hours, with weekends and holidays free to spend however you choose. We also organise over 100 expeditions and adventures at home and around the world that you can choose to join.


You could be scuba diving in the red sea, climbing in the Himalayas or kayaking in Canada, all while getting paid to do it.

New friends

You’ll develop a great deal of trust and confidence with your colleagues because of the way in which you’ll rely on one another. These bonds extend beyond work and there are always opportunities to socialise on and off base. Friends from outside the RAF are welcome on base too.

Sports clubs

One of the great things about the RAF is we have a club for almost every sport. There are more than 45 sports including the usuals like football, netball and rugby, alongside the more unusual bobsleigh, power-kiting and gliding.

Creating champions

You can perform at every level whether that’s a marathon fun run or competing in the Olympics. We give you the time, equipment and financial support you need to succeed. If you’re participating in an authorised sporting event you’re considered ‘on duty’ and don’t have to use up any of your holiday allowance.


The RAF has helped the UK produce national and international champions in boxing, sub-aqua, rally driving, rugby, sprint, hammer, cycling, sea angling, canoeing, triathlon, skeleton boy, Shotokan karate, motorcycling, microlight, javelin, athletics, snowboarding and slalom skiing.

You’ll receive unrivalled career options, world-class training opportunities and constant support.
You’ll be given plenty of opportunities for development throughout your career.
You’ll be trained to the highest standards, gaining invaluable skills and qualifications.
Female RAF fighter pilot kneeing on concrete apron inspecting underneath of aircraft before flight with Typhoon in background