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Take on a role that combats the latest digital threats whilst setting up, operating and maintaining the technology the RAF relies upon to communicate.
Cyberspace is responsible for the RAF’s communications and information systems that protect and defend the UK’s cyberspace.
This is the backbone of the digital infrastructure. Responsibilities include undertaking the planning, installation, maintenance and recovery of the communication equipment, supporting the networks that are required to communicate. It means that information can be moved safely and securely, providing a vital role in the ability to complete a mission.
You’ll be responsible for leading your team and making technical decisions when it matters most. This is a degree level role with world-class training.
You’ll be trained extensively on all of the RAF’s cutting-edge communications equipment. Apprenticeships are available in communications.

Working in Cyberspace is highly technical which is why we invest in world-leading training and qualifications to develop ‘deep’ specialisms in our people. As part of Cyberspace you’ll be integral in keeping the RAF at the cutting-edge of technological advances.


Your work will allow teams to communicate effectively with the confidence that information is being transferred safely and securely. You could be deployed worldwide to establish and secure advanced, encrypted communication networks, plus radars and air traffic equipment.

You’ll work as part of a highly-trained and technologically-skilled team safeguarding our IT networks from intrusions, co-ordinating the RAF’s information, and establishing overseas networks and equipment for Deployed Commanders and Air Traffic Services.


You won’t just be on defence, you could develop the expertise and capability to exploit opportunities and gain a military advantage over our adversaries. We can conduct cyberspace operations to deny, disrupt and degrade their capabilities in the air, space, land, sea and cyberspace domains. 

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The skills for Cyberspace
Jamie has been an Engineer Officer (Communication Electronics) in the RAF for 5 years, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Get paid to train, travel the world and find friends for life

Life in the RAF is more than just a job, it’s a vocation and a lifestyle, it’s who you are. We take care of you when you’re off the clock too. We offer a highly competitive benefits package and there are sporting opportunities and facilities available to everyone. Balance is key. So whilst travelling the world, making new friends and expanding your horizons all come included, we understand the importance of staying connected to friends and family back home too.


With benefits like subsidised food, travel, accommodation and free gym facilities, at the end of the month you’ll have more money in your pocket saved on these essentials.

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What qualifications do I need for Cyberspace roles?

To apply for this Officer role in the Cyberspace Profession you need to:

  • Be aged between 17 years and 6 months and 47
  • Have a Bachelors or Masters degree in a subject relevant to the role you are applying for (i.e. Aeronautical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science etc)
  • Have a GCSE at grade C/4 or above; or SNE equivalent grade 5 or above in English Language
  • Be a UK, UK/Dual Nationality or Republic of Ireland citizen or have been a Commonwealth citizen since birth


To apply for a Cyberspace Technician role you need to:

  • Be aged between 15 years and 9 months and 47
  • Have GCSEs at Grade C/4 or above; or SNE equivalent grade 5 or above in English Language, Mathematics and should have an approved science/technology-based subject
  • You must be a citizen of the United Kingdom or dual UK/Other nationality


Do engineers need to be physically fit?
  • Yes, every person in the RAF is required to maintain a level of fitness in order to do their role well. If you’re a Cyberspace Communication Specialist you might be required to be deployed to set up initial communications in an area and carry equipment.
  • Fitness is a key part of RAF life – with all the clubs and sports you can get involved with on a wide variety of levels, from occasional fun to Olympic competition.
How long is the application process?
  • As an Engineer Officer we aim to have all applications successfully completed within six months and for a Cyberspace Communication Specialist we aim to have all applications successfully completed within three months. This is subject to the availability of your specific training courses but be assured that we will aim to work around your specific needs.
Where will I be based?
  • We have Cyberspace bases all over the UK and abroad. Where you will be exactly is dependent on your role and what each base currently requires. Speak with your local AFCO for more information.