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Transferees and those considering rejoining after Service in the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force.
Why rejoin?

While many people leave the Royal Navy, Army or RAF for different reasons, all are welcome to apply to rejoin the RAF. Whether you want to put the skills you’ve already learnt in the military back to use or want to rejoin in a completely different role, there may be a position open for you – and because we’re always looking for the best and most qualified individuals to fill our roles, your existing skills and expertise will be hard to look past.
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The road for Rejoiners

Although the process is relatively straight forward, each application is different from the next. For this reason, each application is considered on its own merits and any potential offer of service will reflect this. The following factors will be considered to determine the possible role/rank and seniority that may be offered to you and the training required to get you up to speed:

  • Previous rank and seniority
  • Previous Specialisation/Role
  • Length of time out of the service
  • Vacancies in the Specialisation/Role and rank you are applying for
  • Employment experience and any qualifications gained since leaving the RAF
  • Whether you are coming back into a similar or different Specialisation/Role or service than previously
  • You may apply to be considered for a different Specialisation/Role if you have achieved relevant qualifications, training or experience in the new role since leaving the RAF

Because each application is different, the time frame to get you back into service can also vary. Your recruiter will be able to give you further guidance on this after you have applied.

Pre-productive Rejoiner/transferee:

Wishing to change to a different specialisation/role to what you were previously qualified in. May require the whole of Phase 1 or 2 Training, or both elements. Candidates are to be processed as Direct Entrants (DE). If you have completed Phase 1 previously, you will only be required to attend the Transferee and Rejoiner Course (TaRC).


The TaRC is a maximum of 2 weeks, designed to bring all the required core competencies up to date. The first week will cover the full lesson package for the current weapon. For applicants who have the relevant weapon competency, you will be loaded on to the second week only.

Examples of a pre-productive Rejoiner/transferee:


  • Individual trained as Logistics Supplier and wants to change roles to RAF Police.
  • Royal Engineer (Army) wanting to transfer to the RAF in the role of Aircraft Technician.

For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions below, or call 0345 605 5555 and ask to speak to an RAF Recruitment Specialist.



Productive (qualified) Rejoiner/transferee:

Previously-passed phase 2 training (Military Qualified) in the specific Specialisation/Role being applied for, (may require a bespoke refresher training package). Qualified Re-rejoiner applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with Workforce Planning, Profession Advisors and Career Managers. You will be required to attend the Transferee and Rejoiner Course (TaRC).

The TaRC is a maximum of 2 weeks, designed to bring you up to date in all the required core competencies. The first week will cover the full lesson package for the current weapon. For applicants who have the relevant weapon competency, you will be loaded on to the second week only.

Examples of a Productive (Qualified) Re-joiner/Transferee:

  • Individual who trained as a Logistics Supplier and wants to return as a Logistics Supplier.
  • Qualified Re-joiner/Transferees can also include individuals who left the military and gained relevant civilian qualifications.

You can return on normal terms of service by clicking ‘Apply Now’ below and applying for a role. Alternatively, view the vacancies tab below for a list of priority roles that are available. The list is not exhaustive, terms of service can vary depending on role and personal circumstances.

You can return on normal terms of service by clicking ‘Apply Now’ below and applying for a role. Alternatively, view the vacancies tab below for a list of priority roles that are available. The list is not exhaustive, terms of service can vary depending on role and personal circumstances.


After you have submitted your application, please send an email to [email protected] using ‘New Rejoiner Surname’ in the subject line and providing the following information:


  • Surname
  • Previous Service Number
  • Your Unique Reference Number (URN) which can be found in your Personal Details section can be used as your Candidate Reference in your portal
  • Specialisation/Role applied for
  • Previous Specialisation/Role

By sending this email, your application will be fast-tracked by the Qualified Rejoiner Recruiting Team (QRRT) for processing. Only Qualified Re-joiner/transferees will be processed in this manner. Applicants not previously military trained/qualified for the Specialisation/Role being applied for are to follow the application instructions in the Pre-Productive information.


If you are currently serving in the Royal Navy or the Army you may have a skillset the royal air force is looking for.

You will firstly need to apply through your Chain of Command/Unit Admin Office to transfer before making an application and the transfer request is completed via single service manning authorities in the first instance. The forms required are Army form is AFB 241 and RN/RM form is BR3 P7. Your Chain of Command can give an earliest release date on the application if you have commitments that would prevent transfer in the immediate future.

If accepted by the Royal Air Force, you will receive an Authority to Transfer letter and can then register and apply for your chosen Specialisation/Role. See both Qualified and Pre-Productive information for clarification on how your case will be processed.

You must meet all eligibility criteria; however, waivers may be appropriate in some cases. Training requirements will be determined on a case-by-case basis considering previous experience, rank, pay and service to date.

You are unlikely to undertake full basic training and will instead complete a Transferee and Rejoiners Course (TARC) of up to 10 working days. You will find out the requirements and service being offered at the start of the process. However, personnel applying for their commission from a non-commissioned role will still have to undertake elements of the Modularised Initial Officer Training Course (MIOTC).

Once you have approval from your chain of command for transfer you will have to apply via the RAF Recruitment website.


Please Note: All Rejoiner applications are bespoke and tailored to suit you and the Service need. Often there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution or answer. Below are some of our most commonly asked questions, they are usually dependent on your own circumstances and the Branch / Trade you are applying for. In order to fully assess and answer your questions we would ask you to start the online application, this gives the information we require to give you an informed and specific answer. PSB for further information about submitting an application.


The recruitment process for Rejoiners, although streamlined, is still rigorous as we want to select the best talent. Applicants now apply online via the RAF Website, following this your case will be handed off to your local AFCO where a recruiter will get in touch to assist you through the rest of the process. A Rejoiner Assessment Form (ReAF) will be created alongside a Professional History Form and this will then be sent to the relevant Branch and Trade Advisor who will comment on Branch / Trade availability at the rank you have requested, your suitability, training requirements, first posting location etc.

Following this, a fitness test, medical and full interview will be conducted if required (depending on time out of service). If you are successful at this stage you will be sent your Offer of Service letter to review. Once this has been accepted you will be allocated a place on the Transferee and Rejoiner Course (TaRC). This is a streamlined course of up to 5 days (depending on your current circumstances and length out of Service), to collect your kit, attest, complete JPA actions and all your core competencies to ensure you arrive at your new unit fully productive.


If you are Transferring from the Army or Navy the transferee process is almost identical to the Rejoiner process detailed above. You still apply online through the RAF Website and conduct an initial Interview and Aptitude Testing (if required) which will confirm your suitability for the Branch/Trade. You will not be able to continue through the remainder process until you have your transfer paperwork approved by the APC/Fleet (AFB241 for Army and BR3 Pt7 for Navy) and a confirmed release date.


We currently accept Transfers from Canada, Australia and New Zealand with each case being reviewed on a case by case basis. Other Commonwealth applicants can also apply; however the standard RAF residency requirements must be met. These Transfers are more bespoke cases and do require additional stages, these are managed centrally by the Rejoiner team. Please email expressing your interest to [email protected]  We can in many cases conduct interviews and medicals remotely and waive the pre-joining fitness test providing you are in date with your current Military Fitness Test (MFT) until you arrive on the TaRC.


You can view current Rejoiner vacancies HERE or Apply Now through the website HERE.

After you have submitted your application form through the Defence Recruiting System (DRS) portal, please send an email to: [email protected] Please use the title ‘New Rejoiner – followed by your Surname’ in the subject line and provide the following information:  Name, Date of Birth, Previous Service Number and Branch/Trade applied for. By sending this email, your application form will be fast-tracked to the front of the queue to receive early attention from the RAF Recruiting Team.  Failure to send this email will result in your application being placed with the Direct Entry applications, which might unduly delay your application.


The level of pay you will rejoin on is entirely based on the availability within your chosen Branch/Trade, the experience you have gained since leaving and how competitive your application is. To assess this fully you must start the Rejoiner process as outlined above, the Branch and Trade Advisor will review your application and you will be informed of the outcome. This can only be dealt with on a case by case basis and in order to fully assess this you need to submit your application, so we have all the required information. 

In some cases where extensive experience has been gained since leaving, we can look to increase rank upon return, if your experience since leaving the service is related to your chosen role. If you are looking for a rank increase, please ensure you provide maximum detail in the Professional History Form to support your application.

Aircrew rejoining from Main Stream Pay might be eligible for transfer to the Professional Aviators’ Spine (PAS) on, or immediately after rejoining; this currently also provides a PAS Transfer Bounty for Flight Lieutenants.


If full Phase 2 training is required for example when changing Branch/Trade, then the age limit for your chosen Branch/Trade can be found on the main RAF Careers website.  If full Phase 2 Trg is not required then, it would be expected that a Rejoiner would be able to offer a minimum of 3 years productive service. The Mandated End of Service (MEOS) is age 60, therefore applications will be considered before your 57th Birthday. Some temporary Jobs do offer contracts shorter than 3 years, in which case Rejoiner applications may be considered beyond an individual’s 57th birthday not exceeding MEOS, these will be advertised on the RAF Website when available.


If you are in receipt of an Armed Forces Pension or Early Departure Payment (EDP), there may be financial implications on rejoining.  It is advised that you contact the JPAC on 0141 224 3600 to discuss the impact that rejoining will have on your pension.  Further guidance is also available within the booklet at the following link (or search the internet for ‘MMP 116 Re-employment’):

Booklet MMP116 - Armed Forces and Reserve Pension Schemes - Re-employment 

RAF Rejoiners Pension Leaflet


It is still possible to rejoin into a different Branch/Trade or the branch your previous role merged into, the AFCO can discuss possibilities based on previous experience or your desired new role. You will still follow the same Rejoiner recruitment process as outlined. In most cases when changing Branch/Trade, full Phase 2 Trg will be required. If so then the direct entry maximum age (with a few exceptions most are 48 but check the main RAF recruiting website or ask) will apply.


Commissioning is a possibility as a Rejoiner (Subject to meeting the eligibility criteria, including the direct entry maximum age), you will apply as a Rejoiner, however after this you then commence the Regular Officer Recruitment Process and attend the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC). If found successful you will then be required to complete Initial Officer Training.

It is not necessarily the case that, if accepted, you will be required to undertake full MIOT. The course has been designed so that a candidate can bypass stage 1 (military skills) and start further into the course. This is decided on your previous training and also currency of that training.


Applying to Remuster for Personal Reasons

Where is the policy for applying to remuster?

The policy for applying to remuster for personal reasons is contained within AP 3376 Vol 1 Pt 1 Ch 6 Para 12-15.

How do I apply?

All applications to remuster are done so via RAF F4477.

Who do I send the application to?

Applications are to be sent to the Specialisation Reselection Cell: [email protected]


Please click the link below to see what you'll be entitled to as a RAF Rejoner.

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