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We train everyone to the highest standard and offer learning support throughout your whole career with us.

Your training depends on which level you join at - Regular, Officer or Aviator. Basic training looks at military skills, fitness, operational policies of the RAF, its structure and management.

Once this is complete you will "pass out" and move on to your specialist training.

You’ll learn how to be a leader and prepare for your specialist training.
You’ll go through basic training covering everyday requirements in the RAF. As well as learning new skills and teamwork you’ll build life-long friendships.

Whether you join us as an Officer or an Aviator you’ll take part in both basic and specialist training. The length of your training will depend on the role you choose.

Initial training

This will cover topics such as living and working in the RAF, our history and culture, weapon handling, and survival techniques. Depending on your level this could last either 10 or 24 weeks. It will be held at a training base like RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire or RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire.


Specialist training

After you’ve completed your initial training you’ll begin your specialist training. Where you go and how long it lasts will depend on your job. However, as well as technical skills, you will get on-the-job experience – often at a much earlier stage than you would as a civilian. The training, and your experience, will form the foundation of an advanced apprenticeship and other useful qualifications.



We’re always on the move which means good fitness is important. Whether operating in combat zones or on peaceful missions we have to be ready for anything.

You’ll need to pass either 2 or 3 fitness tests, depending on the role you apply for, before you’ll be accepted into the RAF. Prepare for the Pre-Joining Fitness Test here.


You’ll stay at the forefront of your field through continuous learning, hands-on experience and training. WE promote lifelong learning within all ranks which is supported through the following schemes:


The Standard Learning Credit Scheme supplies financial support for both Regular and Reserve Personnel throughout the individual's Service career, offering 80% refund of fees up to £175 each year for multiple small-scale learning purposes.

The Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme helps Regular personnel who have completed a minimum of 6 years service towards the cost of higher level learning, offering 80% refund of fees up to £3000 after 6yrs or up to £6000 after 8 years. This can be used for elective learning towards a nationally recognised qualification at level 3 (‘A’ level or equivalent) or above, including degrees. The Enhanced Learning Scheme is also available for up to 5yrs after discharge.

RAF Accreditation gives you the opportunity to gain nationally recognised civilian qualifications through the accreditation of RAF education, training and experience. Accreditation-based qualifications may be awarded in full or in part and learning credits may be used to support course fees.

You will be the one in control of the pace at which you develop and gain additional skills and detailed advice and guidance on learning opportunities is available to everyone from specialist staff on all RAF Stations.

Whether you want to pilot a fighter jet or cook up a storm for our personnel, we have a role for you.
From subsidised living to gym memberships and discounts, we offer bonuses and benefits for you and your partner.
You’ll be given plenty of opportunities for development throughout your career.