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Find out about life at RAF Halton, one of our largest training facilities, and home to over 2,100 personnel.

Get to know a little more about what it’s really like to complete Aviator training at RAF Halton

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Preparation for life at Halton

You’ll need to arrive ready for training. Here’s what you need to prepare so you can hit the ground running.

What do I need to bring with me?

Before you arrive, we will send through a clear kit list of everything you will need to bring. This will include civilian clothing, toiletries, and personal effects.  You must bring an iron and ironing board with you. This is to ensure your uniform is treated with care and meets our inspection standards.

Is there anything not on the official list that might be useful?

Everything you will need is on the official kit list. We regularly take on board feedback from current and recently graduated recruits to make sure that the list is up to date and right for all recruits’ needs. You will also be able to bring personal items and clothes for when you’re not on duty.

Can my friends and family come with me for my arrival?

You can arrive with friends or family but they won’t be able to accompany you on site, and you’ll be expected to carry your belongings.

Do I have to arrive the night before? 

You must arrive on the day that your training starts. If you’re travelling from a distance, it may be beneficial to stay near the base the night before.



What is the course length?

You’ll be training for 71 days.

What are the course modules?

Module 1 – General Service Training
Module 2 – Initial Force Protection Training
Module 3 – Graduation Preparation

RAF Physical Training Instructor leads a circuit training session in a RAF gym.

Staying in RAF accommodation can be a unique experience, here’s what to expect at RAF Halton.

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What's the accomodation like?

Where will I be staying? 

You’ll be staying in same sex shared accommodation with around 14 other recruits. In your dorm you’ll have two lockers - one civilian and one military. Your military locker is to keep all your military kit up to inspection standards. The smaller civilian locker is to keep your personal belongings in.


What are the bathrooms like? 

Our bathrooms are single sex and shared, with individual cubicles for toilets and showers.

What's the food like?

You’ll get three meals a day from your Henderson mess. We’ve created a balanced diet that gives you the essential energy and nutrition for life in the RAF. There are options available at each sitting so you can choose the meal that will power you through the day. All dietary requirements are catered for including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, halal and milk alternatives.


Fitness is an essential part of life in the RAF. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you’re ready to train with the best.

RAF Physical Training Instructor leads a Battle PT session to a course of Avionic Technicians.

How fit do I need to be?

As a recruit you must be fit enough to pass the Multi-Stage Fitness Test (MSFT) for your age and gender.  

We’ve developed a training programme you can follow, and you can find out the standard you need to meet during the fitness test here.

What happens if I fail?

We aren’t looking for superhuman athletes; we want recruits that don’t give up and keep striving to be the best. Depending on when you failed the test and the degree of failure, we will look into each case and assess individually. If it doesn’t go the way you expected, don’t worry, retests will be offered.


What if I get injured?

We’ll do all we can to keep you on the course safely. If this isn’t possible, you’ll be transferred to Recruit Support Flight (RSF) while you recover. Once you’re physically ready, and the next available training place comes up, you’ll be placed back on the course.


There’s more to life in the RAF than training. You’ll have a rich social life where you’ll make life-long friends.

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Explore social, sports and adventure activities at Halton

Will we have downtime?

Downtime is in the evening after dinner, Monday to Friday. You’ll have weekends off and you’re allowed local leave twice throughout the 10 weeks of training to go and explore the local area.


Learn more about social, sports and adventure activities in the RAF here.


When you’re not training, revising, or carrying out preparations, your time is your own to spend as you wish.

Can I go back home to see friends and family?

You are allowed leave twice throughout the 10 weeks of training to go and explore the local area or return home to visit family and friends.

Can I smoke / drink alcohol?

We encourage a healthy lifestyle. If you do smoke you can do so in designated areas. Smoking is not allowed during training hours of 8am - 5pm. There is no drinking on base during your 10-week training course.

Can I have a relationship? 

We do not allow relationships on base between recruits. You are allowed relationships outside of base, and support for those with families will be provided.


Am I allowed my phone?

You are allowed to use your phone, however there are certain restrictions that apply. You are allowed your phone during downtime, and they are permitted in classrooms when used for educational use.



When do I have to wake up?

Timings vary based on training to be carried out that day and can be as early as 4:30am.

Whether you want to pilot a fighter jet or cook up a storm for our personnel, we have a role for you.
From subsidised living to gym memberships and discounts, we offer bonuses and benefits for you and your partner.
You’ll be given plenty of opportunities for development throughout your career.